International researchers & scientists work together to formulate new and innovative products in the natural sector



Benefit was developed on the basis of international analysis and research in the field of dietary supplementation, eating habits, general wellbeing and beauty.

It includes a highly specialized series of dietetic food supplements, particularly with natural ingredients, with specific formulas aiming at recovering and keeping wellness and a peak physical condition and shape.



Always providing absolute quality and proven effectiveness at an international level, the scientific accuracy during the formulation and production phase and the strictness in the controls are basic in the marketing and business strategy of the company.

The formulation philosophy is based on four main and basic requirements:
• The use of qualified and standardized plant extracts that guarantee the quality and the effectiveness of products.
• The creation of new mixing of active ingredients and patented mixtures, made following strict techno-scientific premises, in order to make the most of both the international research and the synergies coming from the vegetable extracts.
• The clinical tests conducted at University to prove how much effective and safe these products are.
• The highest level quality standards applied to the inventions, formulations, innovation, production and experimentation.


Research and Development

The research and development sector is a basic part for Benefit, where international researchers and scientists work together to formulate new and innovative products in the natural sector.

The collaboration with famous Universities is very important because this is where the new products are tested.

Benefit was established in 1996 and its head office is in Turin (North-Italy)



Since inception it has collaborated with the most qualified researchers, specialists in the international field coming from the most prestigous Universities in order to give the most innovative, specialized and professional formulas.

Currently Benefit presents it self on the global market as a highly innovative Company, having a great image and being deeply specialized, an ideal partner for consumers and sales organizations.

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