Be Quiet Notte,
the stress free product with international scientific validations


BE QUIET® NOTTE, compared to normal forms of administration, allows a much faster and more efficient absorption and entry into the bloodstream. The area between the lower palate and tongue is rich with blood vessels and the mucosa is very thin. These factors favour the passage of the active ingredients from the outside to the blood. In this way, the active ingredients are readily absorbed and distributed in our organism without passing from the stomach and, above all, from the liver, where most active ingredients are eliminated. In BE QUIET® NOTTE, the Melatonin and Tryptophan are inserted into an extra fine emulsion (nano-emulsion – patent) which, in contact with the mucous membranes of the lower part of the tongue, is absorbed immediately, reaching the bloodstream to act with the utmost rapidity and efficacy.


Melatonin is a substance (hormone) present in all living organisms. Melatonin controls the biological clock that regulates sleep and sleep-wake cycles. In fact, in the case of sudden changes of the time zone (jetlag) or a person’s normal everyday schedule, melatonin is crucial to get the body quickly used to the new pace. It can be administered also during pregnancy, lactation, in menopause and during menstruation. The ideal amount to help you sleep is 1 mg. Melatonin secretion follows a daily rhythm: it starts in the evening, reaches its climax during the night (around 2 – 3 a.m.), drops to a minimum in the morning and stays very low during the day. In dark conditions, when the nerve cells of the retina are no longer affected by light, the epiphysis is stimulated to produce melatonin. Thanks to the secretion of this hormone, based on the alternation of light and darkness, the body has adjusted to the rhythms of sleep and wakefulness. The production of melatonin varies throughout life: it is at its maximum in infancy, slows down after 20 years and begins to decrease by age 45 and up, until it almost completely disappears in old age. Melatonin deficiency can be caused by jetlag (sudden changes of the time zone), metabolic diseases, smoking, alcohol, coffee, stress, drugs and, of course, age. That is why in many cases it is really important to supplement our melatonin intake. Melatonin has no side effect, unlike drugs against insomnia. Melatonin-induced sleep is very similar to natural sleep… and actually, it is natural sleep.


Tryptophan is an essential amino-acid. Tryptophan is the starting point (precursor) for the production of serotonin (a substance known as good humour hormone); as it is also the precursor of melatonin. Therefore, it is treated as a mood stabiliser and is used as a supplement with antidepressant function and, above all, as a substance against insomnia. Serotonin is a hormone produced by the brain that determines a person’s mood. Because of this function, it is called “the good humour hormone”. In the central nervous system, serotonin plays a key role in regulating our sleep; it is also a regulator of the mood, body temperature, sexual appetite and hunger. As a precursor of melatonin, serotonin regulates circadian rhythms, synchronizing the sleep-wake cycle with daily endocrine fluctuations.


Tryptophan is, as we have seen, the physiological precursor of Melatonin and Serotonin; INOSITOL also helps the brain to produce Serotonin and is effective against nervous states; Glycine is helpful in alleviating nervous and muscular tension and has a hypnotic-inducing physiological effect. These substances combined provide a feeling of peacefulness, relaxation and good mood, which are essential for a smooth, deep and intense sleep. That is why the mere administration of Melatonin does not consider areas that are fundamental for the achievement of maximum results.

BE QUIET® NOTTE is indicated in cases of:
difficulty falling asleep; nocturnal awakenings; awakening with fatigue; early awakenings; bad sleep; sudden change of time zones (jetlag); sleep problems in general.
Take the contents of one packet in the evening, just before bedtime, pouring the powder directly in the mouth under the tongue without the need to dissolve in water. Allow it to dissolve slowly. The product has a pleasant Tropical taste. Do not take if you have to stay awake and focused.
• Melatonin 1mg,
• Tryptophan 150mg,
• Inositol 150mg,
• Glycine 400mg.



20 Sachets per box

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