The only supplements for legs using double active ingredients promotes leg vein health and circulation.


Many people, especially at the end of the day, experience a feeling of heaviness and stiffness in the legs, and sometimes swelling and pain. These are symptoms of “poor” circulation and it is precisely at this point that it can be useful to take action to bestow relief, favouring a physiological and proper functioning of the micro-circulatory system and the drainage of excess fluids.


“Tired and heavy legs” over time will also translate to “ugly legs”
A recent epidemiological survey carried out in France on 22,000 women of different ages and social condition, highlighted how more than 70% display some form of dysfunction of the lower limbs tied to venous stasis. Stasis is a medical term that means the slowing of circulation of the blood that flows from the feet all the way up to the abdominal cavity. We should also be mindful of a fundamental axiom: “Tired and heavy legs” over time will also translate to “ugly legs”.


At the end of a long and exhausting day that has made your legs tired and heavy, take a cold shower and lie down with the legs vertically upwards, resting them against the wall for a minute. Remember also that the worst enemy of your thighs is a sedentary lifestyle. Stay active and practise “light” gymnastics for the welfare of all the legs: all sports that involve walks are shown to reactivate blood circulation. In cases where there is swelling, pain and heaviness, combine the exercise with a dietary supplement, to support and reactivate the microcirculation in the lower limbs.


Biocircolan is a nutritional supplement formulated to support and encourage the trophism of the vascular tissue and promote peripheral microcirculation. It contains plant extracts high in flavonoids and saponins that are used traditionally to support the correct functionality of the micro-circulatory system. It favours blood circulation and drainage of excess fluids; it also helps strengthen the capillary walls due to the presence of vitamin C, essential for the formation of collagen.

Biocircolan is indicated to:
The pill that relieves your legs from heaviness and swelling with fast efficiency on: CIRCULATION, EDEMA, CAPILLARY VASES, INFLAMMATION, VASCULAR TISSUE.
Take 1 to 2 capsules per day with water, as needed, preferably away from meals.
• Pure Rutin,
• Melilot (Melilotus Officinalis),
• Hesperidin,
• Ginkgo Biloba,
• Ascorbic Acid.

20 capsules in 10 cps – blister per box

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