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EFSP Edematous Fibro Sclerotic Panniculopathy

It is a beauty aw caused by an alteration of the subcutaneous tissue or hypodermis with hypertrophy (enlargement) of the fatty cells. This occurs due to water retention and uid between cells, due to an alteration of the venous and lymphatic system that slows down the ow of blood, causing water retention or stasis of liquids in the inter-cellular spaces of the hypodermis.

Cellulite is due to a number of causes such as:
• family tendency linked to genetic factors,
• body build factors,
• hormonal factors (estradiol),
• vascular factors.

All these factors are exacerbated by:
• sedentary lifestyle,
• stress,
• liver diseases,
• intestinal disorders,
• poor diet.


It is a dietary supplement formulated with substances of plant origin with high concentration and purity. Covered by international patent named ENTEROSOMA-I® (described below) that makes the product about 4 times more effective than an ordinary supplement.


The problem
Poor absorption of active ingredients
It is a known fact that when we ingest any substance containing active ingredients, either a drug or a supplement, only about 50 percent of these ingredients is absorbed by the intestine and enters the bloodstream to carry out their action.

The innovation
Almost total absorption of the active ingredients – the effectiveness of a drug in a natural product!!
Celluldefend uses a patented technology called ENTEROSOMA-I®. This gastro-resistant technology naturally increases by about 4 times the absorption of the active ingredients in the intestinal mucosa, guaranteeing their high effectiveness with proven lymph-draining, de-congesting and anti-brotic action.


Made with the purest plant extracts and in the right quantities with patented technology ENTEROSOMA-I® to ensure strong results:

BROMELAIN (obtained from pineapple stem)

• Promotes the natural reduction of inflamed tissues,
• Anti-edematous action,
• Draining action.


• Promotes a natural vasoconstrictor action,
• Beneficial action on microcirculation,
• Tissue repairing action.


• Promotes lymphatic and venous flow.


A clinical trial with placebos was conducted in collaboration with the University of Pavia (Prof. Fulvio Marzatico).
The product was 100% effective in women and in particular, after only 60 days of treatment:

• Thigh circumference: -2.5 cm!!,
• Thickness of the fatty tissue under the thigh skin: -2.4 mm
• Alleviation of “orange peel” effect: 85% of women
• Smooth skin: 87% of women
• Thermo-graphic clinical assessment: considerable reduction of cellulite
(Celluldefend is able to improve the main pathogenetic occurrence of cellulite, in some cases with remarkable results)

Do the results last?
Yes, they do. Throughout the year, if you follow a proper diet and engage in moderate and continuous physical exercise, even a single treatment of at least 90 days is sufcient, without noticing a deterioration in the results obtained.

Contraindications – side effects
The product has no contraindication or negative side effects. Except for scientically documented and known allergic reactions to one of the active ingredients.

Cellul Defend is indicated for:
• Thigh circumference: -2,5cm,
• Adipose tissue thickness under the skin of thighs: -2,4mm,
• Orange-peel effect attenuation: 85% of women,
• Smooth skin: 87% of women.
It is recommended to take 2 tablets per day (at once) on an empty stomach with a glass of water. The recommended treatment lasts 90 days.

Consider prolonging the treatment for a maximum 120 days. Be sure to take the tablets daily, without skipping intakes. You will notice the rst results in the majority of cases already after 30 days. The results are long-lasting. We recommend a treatment of at least 90 days each year, along with following some of the tips below.

Possible repetition of the treatment.
If you plan to undergo another treatment, be sure that you do not start it before at least 6 months since the previous one.

Recommendations for cellulite prevention and improvement of the results
Cellulite prevention requires that you follow a number of precautions:
• drink plenty of water,
• eat plenty of vegetables and fruits,
• follow a healthy diet,
• practise sports and physical activity,
• do not wear overly tight dresses,
• shoes with high heels,
• assume a correct posture,
• do not smoke or drink alcohol,
• do not cross your legs,
• do not gain or lose weight quickly,
• do not sit or stand still for too many hours,
• keep your ideal weight under control.

• Horse chestnut,
• Melilot,
• Bromelain,
• Chitosan,
• N-acetyl-l-cysteine.



30 tablets per box

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