REDUX LIPOCONTROL is able to act on 2 factors that are essential to an effective and quick weight loss, with a double action:


LIPOLYTIC ACTION (breakdown of deposited fats to use them to produce energy)
The carefully selected and pure active ingredients are supported by international scientific literature, certifying their high effectiveness.


Decreases appetite
Able to inhibit the gnawing sensation of hunger and reduce appetite by modulating the nerve centres that control them. Clinical studies prove that saffron is effective in the control of depression or mood changes, such as “nerve-induced hunger”.

UNDARIA PINNATIFIDA 10% titrated in Fucoxanthin

Reduction of localised fat
Favours fat reduction, especially if located in the abdominal area, encouraging the expression of a specific protein UCP1, responsible for the disposal of adipose tissue for thermo-genesis.

CITRUS AURANTIUM 10% titrated in Synephrine

Reduction of fat
This substance has a positive lipolytic action and seems to act preferentially on abdominal adipose build-up.


To ensure strong action and guarantee high effectiveness and fast action in a correct and healthy weight loss treatment, it is recommended to combine REDUX LIPOCONTROL with REDUX PROTEIN COMPLEX. The pack contains 15 water soluble bags of high biological value proteins.

Redux is indicated for:
Thermogenic effect for fast reduction of the body fat and appetite reduction.
We recommend that you take 2 tablets per day, one 1/2 hour before lunch and one 1/2 hour before dinner.
• Saffron,
• Undaria Pinnatifida,
• Citrus Aurantium.

30 tablets per box

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