Rigenil Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo



• No sles or sls
• No parabens
• No dyeing agents
• No silicone
• Controlled foaminess
• Vegetable surfactants
• Physiological PH
• All hair types


Caeine (1,3,7-trimethylxanthine) is a natural alkaloid contained in such plants as coee, tea, cocoa, guarana and cola. In a study, caeine was found to stimulate physiological hair growth in vitro and reduce the suppression of follicle vitality induced by testosterone. Caffeine controls hair miniaturisation and stimulates cell proliferation by an increase of the ATP synthesis.


THUJA extract

The Thuja extract may inhibit the activity of the 5-alfa-reductase II enzyme, and extend and enhance the anagen phase, which ultimately antagonises hair miniaturisation and increases hair thickness.


RED GRAPE extract

Red grapes belong to the Vitaceae family. The plant complex is mainly characterised by the presence of proanthocyanidins in large quantities as well as other avonoids (such as quercitrin, quercetin and hyperin), catechins and other glycosides. Proanthocyanidins, in particular, were found to have antioxidant properties.



The dandelion extract is obtained from the plant roots containing a highly benecial bre in large quantities, i.e. inulin. In hair treatment products, inulin has interesting moisturising, volumising and conditioning properties. In addition, the dandelion extract was proved to have an anti-inammatory and antioxidant action with a consequent reduction of apoptosis in dermal papilla cells, and a stimulating action for fibroblast proliferation in dermal papilla.


MALLOW extract

From the leaves and owers of this plant a mucilage is obtained which mainly consists of L-rhamnose, L-arabinose, L-galactose, D-glucose and galacturonic acid which, together with anthocyans (malvin and malvidin) form the active part of the plant. The extract has emollient, softening and protective properties and, for the mucilage content, reduces the irritation caused by the foaming agent base.


TAMARIND extract

Tamarind binds with several water molecules, and consequently moisturises and brightens hair. The tamarind extract has an antioxidant action, which sooths the inflammatory process underlying bulb ageing and stimulates the active anagen phase mainly through the presence of catechins, epicatechins and procyanidin beta.



Panthenol is an alcohol reduced form of pantothenic acid (vitamin B5). Panthenol is broadly used in cosmetics and especially in trichology for its high emollient and soothing action as well as its moisturising and filmogenic action on the hair shaft, which gives the hair brightness and structure.



Rice proteins are qualitatively superior compared with any other cereals as they contain the full spectrum of the eighteen essential amino acids. They are known to have nourishing, moisturising, soothing, protective and volumising properties and produce an immediate improvement in the hair structure, which regains softness and brightness and is easier to comb.

Rigenil Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo is indicated for:
• Hair loss prevention,
• Revitalised scalp,
• Strong, regenerated hair,
• Prevents the atrophy of the hair bulb and reactivates micro-circulation and cell metabolism,
• Delicate and suited to frequent washes,
• Ideal in combination with ampoules.


• Thuja extract,

• Caffeine,

• Red grape extract,

• Dandelion extract,

• Mallow extract,

• Tamarind extract,

• Panthenol,

• Hydrolysed rice proteins.


125 ml bottle

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