Rigenil Air,
Dietary supplement with Pigmentil Complex


Hair ageing is a very complex process involving three cellular elements that form the follicle: the keratinocytes of the matrix, the dermal papilla broblasts, and the melanocytes.

The ageing process is determined by a series of multifactorial causes (systemic abnormalities, genetic predisposition, environmental factors, nutritional and hormonal changes, smoking, exposure to uvb rays, etc.) that impair the function of the follicle cells, reducing intracellular cross-talk, peri-bulbar micro-inammation and, consequently, their early death (apoptosis).

Clinically this process manifests itself with a number of symptoms:
• Decrease and loss of pigmentation (balding – white hair)
• Decrease in elongation of the hair stem
• Decrease in hair shine
• Decrease in hair diameter
• Increased hair loss

The process can be partially prevented and controlled using substances with anti-oxidant and anti-inammatory properties that help delay the ageing process of the bulb.


RIGENIL is a nutritional supplement with a unique natural formula, the rst product of its kind on the market, which contains PIGMENTIL COMPLEX® (a particular combination of tamarind, phenylalanine and ornithine), with the addition of vitamin B6, Omega 3, Omega 6, and lycopene.


A major clinical study conducted with double-blind trial demonstrated a high eactiveness in considerably improving all the manifestations of hair ageing.

Rigenil Hair indicated for:
• White hair -38%,
• Hairshaft diameter +55%,
• Hairloss -57%,
• Brighter hair +54%.
We recommend that you take 1 tablet daily with water. To obtain the best results, you should continue the treatment for at least 90 days. This treatment can be repeated.
• Tamarind indicus dry fruit estract,
• Phenylalanine-L,
• Ornithine-L,
• Pyridoxine (vitamin B6),
• Omega 3-6,
• Lycopene.

30 tablets per box

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